Legislative Update 2019-03-18

CCUPCA collectively protects over three million people in the jurisdictions we are sworn to serve in California.  We address the same crime challenges as municipal police and county sheriff agencies.  However unfortunate, there are some crimes that take… Read More

Legislative Update 2019-02-11

Bill introductions are coming along with greater frequency. Stand-outs include two bills which cast into bold relief the issue of officer use of force. For decades, the standard as to whether an officer may use force in carrying… Read More

Legislative Report 2019-02-04

All proposals intended for introduction in the 2019 Session have been submitted to the attorneys in the office of Legislative Counsel. This is the precursor to the actual introduction of that proposal into bill form. A large percentage of… Read More

Legislative Report 2019-01-28

This past week has been relatively quiet on the Legislative front, with only a few bills directly impacting public safety. Two such bills from this past week include Senate Bill 136 and Senate Bill 161. Senate Bill 136,… Read More

Legislative Update 2019-01-14

The highlight of last week was the newly sworn in Governor Newsom’s presentation of the Governor’s 2019-2020 Budget.  This is the first budget proposal that emanates from Governor Newsom.  Although most of the media attention focused on his… Read More