CCUPCA Honors its Finest

In April, CCUPCA presented several members of California’s colleges & universities community with awards for heroism and extraordinarily dedicated service.

This year’s recipients included:

The Award of Valor was presented to Officer Olaf Lopez, and the Award of Merit presented to Dispatcher Reannon Cook of the University of California, Merced Police Department for their respective actions in responding to an armed assailant who was in the process of carrying out a premeditated attack upon classmates and others on campus.  Though the assailant had already successfully stabbed several campus members, tragically including the death of a student, Officer Lopez successfully advanced upon the suspect and was able to stop the assailant from performing any additional attacks.  Dispatcher Cook’s dedicated and professional handling of various on-campus and external resources supported the emergency response and directly contributed to the rescue of other victims as well as securing the UC Merced campus.

The Award of Valor was also presented to Sergeant Archibald Mendoza, Sergeant Jose Alvarez and Officer Mark Mugiza for their dedicated response to critical-condition medical aids in two different scenarios.  In February of 2016, these officers responded to a person who had collapsed and was suffering cardiac arrest.  Due to the swift response including CPR and the implementation of an AED, the victim was successfully resuscitated and transported.  Upon arrival to the hospital, the student was immediately placed into surgery and then stabilized.

Just a month earlier, Sgt. Mendoza and Officer Mugica responded to graduate housing where a six-month old infant had become unconscious while being bathed.  Upon determining the child had no pulse, both officers employed CPR and AED protocols that resuscitated the baby so that transportation was possible.  Though the child lost its battle in recovery a month later, the swift actions of the officers provided the family an opportunity for very important closure of a precious life.

The Award of Distinction was presented to Officer James Everette of the San Diego Community College District Police Department, who responded to a disturbance and was immediately attacked by a suspect with an extensive criminal history.  Officer Everette suffered a broken leg during the altercation, but his actions immediately prevented the suspect from attacking others who were present.

The California College & University Police Chief’s Association proudly recognizes these actions as exemplary and thanks each of these deserving individuals for their service.