CCUPCA Names Senator Lois Wolk “Legislator of the Year”

During the California College & University Police Chiefs Association Annual Conference, Senator Lois Wolk (SD-3) was announced as CCUPCA’s 2016 “Legislator of the Year” for her leadership in authoring the CCUPCA Co-Sponsored SB 707.

As part of this recognition, CCUPCA President Will Glen and Legislative Chair Stan Skipworth met with Senator Wolk at her office in the State Capitol during Law Enforcement Legislative Day, on April 13th.

SB 707 significantly advanced the 1995 California Gun Free School Zone Act, by mandating CCW-permit holders to acquire written authorization from the Presiding officer of any college or university before bringing a firearm onto campus.  This same bill also added a much needed exemption so that Honorably-Retired peace officers can carry a firearm while on the campus of a college or university anywhere in the State.

SB 707 took effect January 1, 2016, as part of Penal Code Section 626.9.