Chief Randy Burba becomes President of IACLEA

On June 27th, Randy Burba, Chief of Chapman University’s Department of Public Safety and Immediate Past President of the California College and University Police Chiefs Association, was sworn in as President for the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators at its 58th Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

Chief Burba’s appointment once again demonstrates the proud tradition of both California higher education public safety leaders, and more specifically CCUPCA leaders, who have continued their service at the national and international levels.

While President of CCUPCA, Chief Burba helped guide significant public safety improvements in California law, including Senate Bills 424, which brought the ability of campus police officers to employ body cameras as well as perform pre-textual investigative calls; as well as Senate Bill 707, which helped strengthen the requisite elements of the 1995 Gun Free School Zone Act, which afforded honorably retired peace officers to be armed on college campuses while enhancing the necessary steps for CCW-permit holders to be allowed to carry a firearm upon a California college campus.  Lastly, Chief Burba helped launch CCUPCA’s 2016-17 State-legislative agenda, highlighted a strategic campaign to establish the statutory authority for private college and university agencies in California to create a new, more authoritative level of peace officer status that will be much more consistent with several states across the country.  That bill, AB 2361, is now nearing the final vote in the State Senate, when if passed, will then be brought to the Governor for enactment.

As President of IACLEA, Chief Burba will assume the leadership role of one of the longest-tenured and largest national/international law enforcement associations.  As a longtime partner of IACLEA, everyone at CCUPCA congratulates Randy and looks forward to a highly successful term while wishing him the very best in his new role.