Legislative Update 2020-10-18

CCUPCA participated in petitioning Governor Newsom to overturn a grant of parole to Jesus Cecena, who, as a teenager in 1978, killed Officer Archie Buggs. In response to CCUPCA’s petition to Governor Newsom, Jesus Cecena’s grant of parole has, for… Read More

Legislative Update 2020-03-17 | Coronavirus

There has never been a Legislative session that matches the 2020 session.  On the evening of Monday, March 16, both houses of the Legislature unanimously voted to recess the the 2020 Legislative session until April 13, 2020.  Well,… Read More

2019 Legislative Session: A Look Back on the Year

When the Legislature convened back in January, the law enforcement community viewed the upcoming session with trepidation.  In prior years, we were able to prevent the passage of bills that were highly objectionable to public safety. This was… Read More

Legislative Update 2019-07-15 | Homeless Students

The Legislature is now on Summer Recess.  They officially went on recess on July 12. The Legislature will return on August 12.  Although the Legislature is in recess, CCUPCA will be active implementing the Active Shooter Budget item. … Read More

Legislative Update 2019-07-01 | Budget enacted

The Legislature now returns to its regular Legislative business, having enacted the 2019-2020 Budget with Governor Newsom last week.  The last day for policy committees to meet and report bills will be July 12, after which the Legislature… Read More