Legislative Update 2019-06-17 | The Bill turns Budget

The 2019-2020 Budget has been approved by the California Assembly and its vote in the Senate awaits action this Monday.  The big news for CCUPCA is that this budget contains $5 million for funding and infrastructure to our… Read More

Legislative Update 2019-05-27 | AB 392

On the afternoon of May 23, Assembly Bill 392, Assembly Member Weber’s use of force bill, was amended to remove many of its features which were objectionable to law enforcement.  As a result of those amendments, a number… Read More

Legislative Update 2019-05-05

This update was given by Chief Cantrell at the CCUPCA Spring Conference. On April 24, a major bill sponsored by CCUPCA was approved by the Assembly Committee on Governmental Organization.  Assembly Bill 1499 is landmark legislation in addressing… Read More

Legislative Update 2019-04-15

Assembly Bill 392, the use of force bill authored by Assembly Member Weber, which is sponsored by the ACLU and allied groups, was approved by the Assembly Committee on Public Safety on a party line vote. Given the… Read More

Legislative Update 2019-03-18

CCUPCA collectively protects over three million people in the jurisdictions we are sworn to serve in California.  We address the same crime challenges as municipal police and county sheriff agencies.  However unfortunate, there are some crimes that take… Read More