Legislative Report 2019-02-04

All proposals intended for introduction in the 2019 Session have been submitted to the attorneys in the office of Legislative Counsel. This is the precursor to the actual introduction of that proposal into bill form.

A large percentage of these submissions are in the form of “spot bills.”

Spot Bills are non-substantive pieces of legislation, which can be amended after remaining in print for 30 days.  Once a bill is in print for 30 days it is available for public consumption. Only then can it be altered or brought for a hearing in front of the appropriate policy committee.

Thus far, approximately 500 bills are in print, have been introduced and put into print since the new Session began.  By the time they are finished, we can expect nearly 3,500 bills to be put into play. The vast majority of these will be introduced in the days prior to the deadline, which is Friday, February 22nd.

From now until the deadline, John Lovell, CCUPCA’s Legal Counsel, will review introductions and amendments. The goal will be to ascertain which measures’ content and subject matter affect our institutions, directly and indirectly. He will sort the bills into a report with recommendations.  The CCUPCA weekly report will contain information about the high-profile bills of interest, including known sponsors, intent, and/or useful background on the bill.

These reports will serve as a guide to discussing potential positions on individual bills. While many of the bills in the report will be informational, high-priority bills will require active lobbying and advocacy to guide the bill where CCUPCA wants it to go. The reports will offer recommendations on which bills require supporting, opposing or amending.

The Legislature gets the Committee process running by late-March or early-April.  Since most bills will be introduced around the 2/22 deadline plus the requisite 30-day wait, the Committees typically wait for a critical mass to become eligible for hearing prior to launch.