Legislative Update 2019-01-14

The highlight of last week was the newly sworn in Governor Newsom’s presentation of the Governor’s 2019-2020 Budget.  This is the first budget proposal that emanates from Governor Newsom.  Although most of the media attention focused on his education, youth services and health care proposals, the budget did contain some public safety related matters:

  1. Realignment – The budget proposal updates revenue assumptions for 2011 Realignment programs created by the passage of AB 109 in 2011, with growth funding including at $ 30 million increase, which will be revisited and revised in the Governor’s May revision.
  2. Incompetent to Stand Trial Issues – The increasing number of Incompetent to Stand Trial Commitments has placed a corresponding burden on the Department of State Hospitals. The budget includes funding to expand beds at their facilities and also includes an additional $ 12.3 million to allow for contracting for up to 74 county jail-based competency restoration treatment beds through the county jail treatment programs.
  3. Post Release Community Supervision – The budget includes $ 11.8 million for county probation departments to supervise the temporary increase in the average daily population of offenders on Post Release Community Supervision as a result of implementation of Proposition 57.
  4. California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation – the Governor’s budget funds $ 12.6 billion for CDCR, prioritizes inmate literacy and reentry, invests in aging infrastructure and inmate mental health and medical care, and also proposes moving the Division of Juvenile Justice from CDCR to a dew department under the Health and Human Services Agency.
  5. DOJ Forensic Services – The budget includes $ 25 million in order tor DOJ to continue processing forensic evidence for counties.
  6. Human Trafficking – The budget includes $ 10 million ongoing General Fund for the Office of Emergency Services to continue funding for the Human Trafficking Victim Assistance Program. The program assists trafficking victims in recovering from the trauma they have experienced through comprehensive safety and supportive services, including a 24-hour crisis hotline, emergency shelter, temporary housing, emergency food and clothing, counseling, transportation and referrals to local resources.  There are currently 21 projects providing these services.

The Budget will now be broken into its subject matter parts and assigned to the various budget sub-committees in each house where it will be examined and modified on the Legislative side.

Only about three hundred bills have been introduced at this point, with no major public safety bills currently in print.