Legislative Update 2019-04-15

Assembly Bill 392, the use of force bill authored by Assembly Member Weber, which is sponsored by the ACLU and allied groups, was approved by the Assembly Committee on Public Safety on a party line vote. Given the composition of the committee, this was a predictable.

What was not predictable was the nuanced outcome.  First, even some of the Democrats who voted for the bill expressed doubts that would vote for that bill in its current form on the floor. Second, AB 392 was not even sent to the floor!  Instead, it was sent to the Assembly Rules Committee, where its fate is less certain.

Last year, AB 931, Dr. Weber’s similar bill was parked in the Senate Rules Committee, where it eventually expired.  Current Capitol speculation is that SB 230, the law enforcement supported use of force bill, will itself be sent to Senate Rules Committee, as well.  Thereafter the speculation is that an effort will be made to negotiate a compromise measure.  Since this is the first year of a two-year session, it is entirely plausible that this process could run through 2020.