Legislative Update 2020-03-17 | Coronavirus

There has never been a Legislative session that matches the 2020 session.  On the evening of Monday, March 16, both houses of the Legislature unanimously voted to recess the the 2020 Legislative session until April 13, 2020.  Well, perhaps until April 13, 2020, or perhaps not.  Under the terms of the adjourning resolution, either house of the Legislature may reconvene its house by a proclamation of the Senate President Pro Tem or the House speaker, respectively.  The entire Legislature may lift the recess by actions of the Leadership of both houses, or, the Legislature may choose to extend the recess beyond April 13.

On March 16 the Legislature also took emergency budget action to appropriate $ 1 Billion for the purposes of addressing the coronavirus.  It’s a measure of the power of the coronavirus dynamic that the vote to appropriate these funds was unanimous.   In short order Governor Newsom issued a series of Executive Orders, culminating in a directive for all Californians (with a few exceptions for those doing essential work) to remain in their homes.

We continue to work on implementing the $ 5 Million active shooter grant that we obtained in last year’s budget as well as the budget request to provide interoperability protection from active shooter incidents at every public school, but policymakers have virtually shifted their entire focus on the coronavirus crisis.