Legislative Update 2020-10-18

CCUPCA participated in petitioning Governor Newsom to overturn a grant of parole to Jesus Cecena, who, as a teenager in 1978, killed Officer Archie Buggs. In response to CCUPCA’s petition to Governor Newsom, Jesus Cecena’s grant of parole has, for the seventh time, been overturned, and Cecena continues to serve his life sentence.

Cecena was convicted of execution-style murder of San Diego Police Officer Archie Buggs.  Cecena, a former San Diego gang member, shot Officer Buggs five times, then walked over to the wounded Officer Buggs and shot him in the head. The Board of Parole Hearings once again granted Cecena parole. Under California law the Governor has the authority to reject any parole that was granted for murder, which happened in this case.